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SI Futures provides MPLS connectivity between Nedbank and Trader Tools - 25 Jan 2013

SI Futures recently signed an agreement with Nedbank to provide the connectivity from their offices in Johannesburg, South Africa to the Trader Tools system hosted in London and New York.? ?

SI Futures has provided and managed the connectivity between Nedbank's Johannesburg and London offices for a number of years and the provision of the connectivity to the Trader Tools system was a logical extension to the existing service.? ?The new service provides Nedbank traders with a low latency, highly resilient infrastructure between South Africa and London and a disaster recovery site in New York.

Pangea goes fibre - 31 Dec 2012

Pangea and Cloud-Source will now be connected to the MPLS and the Internet via a dedicated fibre link provided by SI Futures.

The new connectivity medium will offer lower latency and higher redundency levels for their online teaching services.

Fun Day - 26 Jun 2010

Durbanville Children's Home will be hosting a Fun Day on the 26th of June 2010.

Please click here for more details

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