Managed Connectivity

The convergence of voice, video and data application has led to companies demanding better performance from their networks than ever before. Our global network is built on MPLS technology that enables us to create complex networks linking your business to external voice, video, intranet and extranet suppliers. Our MPLS network provides a fast, reliable way to move information between locations and is ideal for companies that want to ensure the performance of business-critical applications.

MPLS also allows us to scale our bandwidth offering according to different classes of service, enabling us to tailor the network to meet your specific business needs.

Managed Support

We offer 24/7 support through a dedicated technical support contact, which means you’ll never have to stay on hold for a call-centre agent.

Managed Hosting

We offer clients a high-speed network between South Africa and UK by having hosting sites in both countries. We provide you with fast and reliable connectivity to give you an ideal solution to doing business between these two countries. Our network is fully redundant through multiple connections to our international locations, giving you fast, reliable connectivity that you can build your business on.

Digital Forms

One of the challenges facing companies in working in remote locations is the difficulty of getting information back quickly from these locations, to where it is needed for document processing.

This information is usually handwritten in a book or a set of multi-part forms, with the original being physically sent to a central location for processing. The data capturer at the central location will usually then capture the information into a centralised system and the exact same information will often be re-captured into multiple systems.

The SI Futures Digital Forms solution creates an instant PDF image of a hand-written form, without changing the existing process or the way people currently work.