Why Choose Us

Some of the things that make us different

We are a strategic consultancy offering systems integration, troubleshooting and support to businesses across the world. We have no consumer offering and instead focus on providing solutions that enable companies to conduct business on the Internet

We help your company span continents by creating and integrating the systems necessary to link the disparate branches of your organisation together. This enables you to efficiently and profitably do business using the power of the world wide web, even when your offices are thousands of miles apart.

We will host, design and develop any aspect of your business. Our team of network integration specialists and expert account managers offer strategic service and support to all our clients.

We have a base of operations in South Africa and the UK and are one of the few MSPs that can offer high-speed reliable connectivity between the two countries.

We offer you the service of a dedicated account manager to give you a single point of contact and constant, 24/7 support.

We have no call centre – instead, we provide our clients with a nominated support person who is on call at any time to help resolve your business challenges.

We have world-class monitoring that allows us to always stay on top of any issues with your network components or even your business applications.